Chris Alers

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“Form, colour and design all intertwine to create a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the world around us.”

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“I am inspired by the abstract qualities that I see in nature.  Whether I get up close to a subject or paint from a distant perspective, it is about sharing that connection.  I prefer to work from memory and imagination which leads to some pieces being more abstract than others.  Spontaneously applied paint is integral in creating the foundation for the painting.  By doing this, it becomes a journey in discovery which is the most fulfilling part of the process.  In the end, my aim is to create a kind of visual poetry.  I intend to draw the viewer in to take a closer look at the intricacies of the painting, and transport them to another space in time.”


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Abstract painting of beach stones and seaweed
Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Painting of a pond with a gold fish and reeds


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